Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard:I'm the lead float in the Bitch Parade.


"Some things are better left unsaid. That's usually the stuff I blurt out right away". I have no filter

Story of my life.

Mostly people don't ever call me back so then I feel like a stalker trying to get basic questions having to call over and over its ridiculous! Yup pretty much


Funny Weekend Ecard: So glad the weekend is here so I can wash the dishes, mop the floors, clean the toilets, dust the furniture and do the laundry! I still enjoy my weekends even if part of them are filled with work.


Funny Workplace Ecard: I wish my employee evaluation form had a line item for 'tolerating a psycho'--in which case I have exceeded expectations.

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kids are always full of energy until someone says the words "clean up". Then they are so tired. In our house you could also add when someone says "It's time for prayers".

Screaming at your kids like a damn lunatic

That moment you suddenly realise you just screamed at your kids like a lunatic in a sad attempt to get them to stop screaming like lunatics.

Rottenecards - Why Periods? Why can't Mother Nature just text me and Be like, Whaddup Girl?, You ain't pregnant. Have a great week. Talk to ya Next Month.