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DIY Fabric Softener 2 cups of white vinegar 20 drops of your favorite essential oil 1 T of witch hazel or rubbing alcohol Quart-size container 6-8 1/2 sponges or washcloths Add vinegar, essential oils and witch hazel to container . Add your cut sponges or washcloths and shake. Then add one sponge or washcloth to dryer to prevent static cling and give your clothing a fresh, clean scent. Watch the how-to video here.

My friend Nicole taught me how to make this card and I thought it was too cool NOT to share! The inside of the card is the wow....not the front! Check out th...

VERY COOL WEBSITE. enter the dimensions of your room and the things you want to put in it... it helps you come up with ways to arrange it. Pin now, look later.

10 ways to save thousands on your wedding! And there is an awesome LOVE backdrop in one of the photos of the article :)