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    We have changed zones recently, from 5 to 9... oh, boy

    Landscape/Yard Ideas

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    Homemade Liquid Flower Food In a two gallon watering can, mix two tablespoons of molasses and one tablespoon of epsom salt. Mix with a stick or wooden spoon and water. Feed weekly for containers and every two weeks for garden flowers. When watering the garden plants with this mixture, feed well and follow with a nice soak from the hose to get the fertilizer down to the roots. I have used this on tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers as well.

    A rock maintenance strip around the house ... catches splashes, keeps walls clean and minimizes pests. Put your foundation plantings in front of the strip.

    To attract Butterflies/Hummingbirds - Known for their hemispherical clusters of small, bright-colored flowers, lantana plants can reach 6' high (with a spread of 8') in Florida landscaping. The flowers may be yellow, orange, white, red and purple, and often colors are mixed within the same cluster.

    Phenomenal Lavender is the only variety that... • resists both hot summers and tough winters • refuses to die back during the winter • stands up against most diseases that kill other varieties • repels deer • one of the most fragrant lavender varieties

    pinecone lilies...beautiful in North Florida in the fall

    Melampodium is always a good choice for your garden color. It lasts a long time and thrive in the summer heat and rains.

    GOOD ADVICE FOR; Gardening in Zones 7-10

    Florida native plants | Gardeners Guide to Floridas Native Plants [0-8130-1852-8] - $26.95 ...

    This website helps Florida homeowners determine what native plants will grow best in their area, depending on where in Florida they live and what type of plant they are looking for. Great tool!

    Stop the Ants! Natural Ant Control Using a Grocery Store Found Item: GRITS by Prodigal Pieces www.prodigalpiece... #prodigalpieces

    Here is the list of the best plants to feed and invite hummingbirds to your garden. In both spring and fall, Florida provides important feeding areas for hummingbirds who fly across the Gulf to southern wintering sites or back across the Gulf on their way to summer nesting sites in the North. They seek out native plants, their natural food supply, along their migratory routes. www.floridanative...

    Why didn't I see this while living in North Carolina? We don't have hills in Florida.

    Time to plan your garden projects for this year! How about adding some curb appeal with one of these mailbox gardens?

    Gardening Tips and Ideas for Planting Flowers Around Trees | Parenting Patch

    Caladium "Florida Red Ruffles" for shade

    Plant Palette: Caladiums | Garden Design Caladium 'Gingerland': A lance-leaved caladium, which has smaller, more-pointed leaves. Has a jazzy display of cranberry-red spatters on a creamy white background & a green rim. Categorized a dwarf caladium, with 6-12" leaves, perfect for edging beds or in containers paired with ferns & impatiens. Does well in sun or shade. brentandbeckysbul...;;,;,;

    Seashells instead of mulch, I do this in all my house plants. Use to keep the kittys out of the pots and the plants loved what ever came for the beach in the shells.

    Rain chains in place of gutter downspouts • photo: RainChains

    Get rid of Deer, Horse, and Yellow flies with a blue cup!! AN amazing home remedy from the University of Florida. For more plant information and daily tips, join us on facebook

    A single bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in an hour. Installing a bat home is a great way to great rid of mosquitoes naturally. Bats prefer...

    Rocks in a box + garden hose = clean feet what a great garden idea! Placed in the sun will heat the stones as well. Great way to wash off little feet covered with grass and dirt before coming inside.

    Mosquito Control container so you can sit and unwind in the evenings without dousing in DEET.

    I love this mosaic walkway!.

    Scotts 2-cu ft Light Brown/Gold Eucalyptus Mulch

    Very cool and not difficult to do