Great nerf gun targets!

Balloon ninjas to shoot with nerf guns. This is a fantastic idea! Great for little boys! I know this was posted as an idea for little boys. but I think I'd like to have a nerf gun battle with these ninjas.

Make one for each place that you've lived or the idea!!

DIY Map ornaments, commemorate a special trip/place! With all the places I have been or set up for the new year. This is great idea!

love this instead of the booth!

I like the polaroid picture photo booth idea! Love this idea. It would also be cool to have several frames people can use for pictures. That would be fun and have more variety.

Awesome name for a lane!

I want to live here! "I live on Laughter. We built our home on Laughter.Meet you on Laughter.My favorite place is Laughter!

camouflaged into nature

Beautifully Camoflauged into Nature

Mechanical Kitty Bank - Little cat will pop up and take your coin!

Mechanical Kitty Bank - Little cat will pop up and take your coin! Equal parts awesome and terrifying! We got one but it has a panda, it's amazing

mosaic stairs

- The beautiful mosaic tiled steps of Avenue & Moraga Street in San Francisco. Artists Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher created the mosaic design.

Grumpy Cat says...

Because internet memes are the new fine art, here is a painting of Tard the Grumpy Cat in the style of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night. It was made by a Ne

Adelaide Kane plays Mary on Reign. I just LOVE all of her dresses! So beautiful.

Adelaide Kane plays Mary Queen of Scots on Reign, love all of the dresses in this show, costume team did a fantastic job