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Free printable follow ups for "Brown Bear Brown Bear".

Tin Foil River in the yard. Fun! its the little things they love ... cheap fun !

Stop screaming at your kids!!! Road trip clips: One clip for each kid.... If they are sweet, clip stays up, if they are not, clip comes down. Everyone with a clip on the visor gets a treat at the next stop :-) love this idea!!! Will totally be doing this

How fun would this be for a birthday party?

Toddler yoga :)

My brony nephew would probly like these. Except he's diabetic. D'oh. CARTOON COOKIE CUTTERS: The Mane Six Characters of My Little Pony

they want nothing to do with me until I am asleep.

How to be a Super Mom meme

DIY, crayon, crayones, oven

Yard twister - love for spring and summer Great for a party outside to keep the kids or adults busy!

drill hole through plastic animal = toothbrush holder -

Get a photo of your daughter in your wedding dress and give it to her on her wedding day.

Dip graham crackers in yogurt and freeze for a simple and quick, healthy snack on the go!

75 Toddler Activities: a list for times we forget those simple engaging activities kids love!

yoga to help your kids with tantrums, to sleep this

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam 3 year old birthday party

tricks on a stick. fun for a kids party via designer bags and dirty diapers blog!

Play dough- can make in microwave according to these directions

16 Apps Toddlers and Parents Love

Make a hi-five board to teach a toddler colors. Use construction paper and cardboard or posterboard. At first tell them what color they have hit, and once learned, instruct them which color to hi-five.

Teach toddlers color with hi-five paper hands. Kylie loves hi-fives!