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This design is super nice, im glad to see a new design that isn't that basic Americanized tribal design for the billionth time I love seeing flowers and more traditional style mendhi

Intricate half hand mehndi design which is perfect for indian bridal mehndi or fusion bridal mehndi - especially for brides who don't want a lot of bridal mehndi done.

The folks at Philips have come up with some unusual and futuristic designs for their Microbial Home concept. From steampunk-ish kitchens to cocoon-like urban beehives, the designs are truly unique -- and that goes for the lighting too.    Here, Philips has shown off a concept for a light that runs on not grid electricity, not solar power, not even wind power. Nope, it runs on bacteria.

Bio-Light by Philips is a concept design and consists of hand-blown glass cells containing bioluminescent bacteria and their food source, composting sludge. _Bacteria for Bioluminescent Mushrooms

Cosita PowerPoint Presentation ~~ A modern, handcrafted and creative presentation, special for a Agency/Graphic Design Artist. Easy to change colors, text, photos. Fully editable.    Also, check the identity pack here:…

"Cosita," PowerPoint presentation template by Eduardo Mejia (EAMejia). It's a bit retro, but the multi-column layout and photo cut-outs spice it up.

Daniel Widrig.

generativedesigns: “Generative design functions as picture archive focusing on parametric design and generative design. Being highly selective this image will make a excellent extension.

Elio Caccavale Utility Pets

"Utility Pets" by Elio Caccavale, is a series of speculative products investigating the ethical consequences of xenotransplantation.

Elio Caccavale - Smoke Eater

Elio Caccavale - Smoke Eater