Kim Van Buren

Kim Van Buren

Kim Van Buren
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Sweet Pineapple Strawberry Spa Water

Here is our famous Sweet Pineapple Strawberry Spa Water! What a delicious drink to serve this time of year. It is such a refreshing beverage for parties and other special events. Always up for new ways to spice up water

Nap Time Crafts: Another Patriotic Wreath

For Memorial Day - A Patriotic Wreath made from red and white yarn wrapped around a wreath form. Blue yarn wrapped over a portion, then glue on felt stars. Very easy to make! And very patriotic. Hang from a nail or any over-the-door wreath hanger.

Vanilla Extract 101 - Clean the microwave and leave it smelling sweet with this household trick! Mix 2 cups of water and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract in a microwave-safe container, and zap it on high for five minutes. When it's done, remove the container and wipe down the interior of the oven. Any gunk should slide right off.

Make Your Own Microwave Cleaner - Vanilla Extract to clean the microwave. Mix 2 cups water with 1 teaspoon vanilla extract in microwave-safe container and zap on high for 5 minutes. Remove container and wipe down interior. Any gunk should slide right off.