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Kindergarten Worksheets
Kindergarten Worksheets
Kindergarten Worksheets

Kindergarten Worksheets

Kindergarten Worksheets is an educational website filled with free worksheets that can be downloaded or used online.

FREE Adding to 10 Apple Tree, plus several ideas for making it multi-sensory and even more fun!

Making 10! great idea! First Grade Smiles Done as partners ~ Each student had ten cubes of one color and a blank copy of the chart. As a class, traded one color cube with our partner and colored in our chart to match. Fantastic to reach all learners: oral, visual, kinethetic, tactile.

Kindergarten math strategies: great anchor charts for K and 1st grade math. Could even make tip books for student work stations so these strategies are always close at hand as kids are learning them!

hot chocolate addition....could also use this when teaching array

Addition Strategies Anchor Chart from Kindergarten Smarts; would be good to make one for addition and subtraction at the beginning of the year to refresh

Free shake and spill ladybug math mats for 4, 5, and 6

Addition Story Templates to Go With Book, If You Were a Plus Sign (from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten; free)

Addition anchor chart: I could use this to reinforce that there is more than one way to remember how to add.

Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten : Math- Addition Cups! Cups have holes in them so that the manipulative a drop through. The kids use white board markers to write the numbers.

Fun with Addition! {Freebies} - Lots of different hands on activities for practising addition

Kindergarten Health Education Worksheet Printable

2 FREE food group card games: Teach your kids about choosing healthy foods through these two fun games!

Make a cute Sneezy to teach your students about covering their cough and sneezes. #brightideasbloghop

There was an old lady who swallowed a pie-Sequencing activity, fine motor control, following direction and building listening skills!

Spreading germs. Teaches children how germs spread and why it is so important to wash their hands.

Why Do I Need Sunscreen? - I think my kids would have fun smearing that all over the paper... not that it would make them hold still any better the next time they have to be coated down, but oh well, at least they'll learn something as they have fun. - "I tried this with my kids. Unfortunately, I think we used too much, so it didn't work. Operator error. O.o" --Dianna Smith

dental hygeine unit. Activity for learning about teeth, how to brush and floss. #preschool. Use with Apologia Anatomy #homeschool

Teaching Kids About GERMS: Great lessons using these common objects to help illustrate how germs spread by touching objects and through coughing and sneezing. I LOVE this lesson!

Experiments that have to do with our teeth and how the things we eat and drink affect them.

Kindergarten Letter V Writing Practice Worksheet Printable