Meerkat family photo I don't remember which zoo my grandson and I went to but we saw Meerkats at one and they are so darned cute. I watches the Meerkat Family series and could still watch it over and over they are so cute and fun to watch.

Love Birds

/ Photo "Love Birds" by Ross Van der Watt / sweet little owls

Robbery or dental care? pt. II (Explored)

"Robbery or dental care?" [A gang of black-capped squirrelmonkeys trying to steal some food from a capybara`s cheekpoches.

Leopard - Namibia

This vegan Leopard thought your watercress tea sandwiches were delicious.


(Photo of the Elephant Caretaker by Joel Santos) The photo was taken during a morning bath, with lots of scrubbing with a coconut shell involved. The elephant is an orphan juvenile and lives in Kerala, India.

shake it off

Male lion shaking off the water after a rainstorm - Kruger National Park - South Africa © Johan Swanepoel / Alamy


Elephants of Corbett - Dhikala, Jim Corbett National Park ~ Image Courtesy: Radha Rangarajan