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Disney princesses and their pokemon - Imgur I actually like this except I have a very strong hate for jynx.

Yeah, some random idea I had. Disney "Princesses" as Pokémon Gym Leaders. Belle (Beauty and the Beast): Litwick, Herdier, Zoroark Alice (Alice in Wond. Disney Princesses as Pokemon Gym Leaders

cool! that's not my version, though..... mine is: Arcanine (in place of Aries, March 20th-April 20th, element=fire, constellation=Aries, planet=Mars). Donphan (in place of Taurus, April 21st-May 21st, element=earth, constellation=Taurus, planet=Venus).

I decided to make a Pokémon horoscope, because the only one I could find was a shitty one (sorry). I think it turned out good! Btw, the only pokémon who isn't randomly placed is Gastly. Because Gastly is like a halloween pkmn or something, hahah.

Probably the most precious love poem I've ever heard

ok ive seen a lot of cheesy valentine e-cards this year, but this one takes the prize. pokemon and valentines day just equal perfect happiness