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Patrizio Safina

Patrizio Safina
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pallet barattoli 7

The mason glass jars are hanged on the wood plank and the beautiful decoration has been made perfectly. Candles are inside these jars which gives ideal decoration ideas. The wall…


This weeks swim training plan focuses on Aerobic Endurance. After having completed the previous two weeks you should now be starting to feel the benefit.

trinity knot - matching tie - purple tie - matching pocket tie

How to tie a Necktie - The Trinity Knot - Animated How to tie the Trinity Knot video without hands getting in the way. in case you need to tie a tie

Set of 2 - INSTANT DOWNLOAD 8X10" Printable Digital Art Files - Periodic Table "Bath" on Etsy, CA$8.49 CAD

Printable Bathroom Art - Periodic Table - Set of Two - Science Prints - Funny Bathroom Art - Bath - Neutral - grey beige -

Dear Lillie: Our Laundry Room Makeover

I like the tile floor. I am excited to show you our newly updated laundry room! I am especially excited about the new tile floor from our sponsor, Joss and Ma.