Behind #boudoir doors.

Noone stops us to be #Marquiz De Sade or #Madame Pompadour. Here, small tricks how to change your room into sophisticated, opulent #playroom.
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The #Marquis de #Sade c. 1965 $45 at

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#Indulgence #french #reclaimed #bath

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2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), with sets created by production designers Harry Lange, Ernest Archer, and Anthony Masters, reflect the contemporary design trends of the 1960s. In this shot, we see #Louis XVI works contrasting with nonlinear pieces that nod to Eero #Saarinen. From the book: "[The film] represents Stanley Kubrick's interpretation of space and infinity...his symbolic monolith passageway links the primeval, futurist, and mystical sections of the film."

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Design created in a collaboration with Taillardat, a manufacturer specialising in #luxurious high-quality reproductions of 18th century furniture including Marie #Antoinette, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire, and Directoire styles. The company invited five key figures in the design and fashion worlds to create pieces of furniture that embodied the luxury of the 18th century style that they are known for. These two pieces were by Chantal Thomass.

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