Animal Mask.

This photo symbolises he similarity that humans and animals share when having relationships with one an other.

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(5) goat mask | Tumblr

someone please tell me - what's with all the animal head photos? People with animal heads are creepier than any of the horror photos I have on my boards.

Animal Mask  @Christina Childress & Carberry

Rabbit and Hedgehog.strange vintage photograph, i'm not sure if it's Victorian era or later on, but i love these crazy pictures where they are wearing crazy animal masks


Documenting a phenomenon: Pictures of folks wearing animal masks. Have pictures of strangers/young folks/businessmen/art majors/friends/yourself wearing animal masks?

Badger? #mask #forest

Young Photographer Gloria Marigo is a 22 year old photographer whose work mainly looks vintage, delicate, simple, and just wonderful.

tiger show

Animal Head, Human Body surreal photo art collages the tiger who came to tea or just like me when someone tries to pinch my lunch