document what he/she wants to be each first day of school

Every school year take another picture and watch the changes. I will try and remember this idea, when I have kids.

Cute little girl. So geek and so fashion!

Little Girl's first day of school outfit. My first day of school outfit. So much cuteness


The original pinner's tag: Asian girl, "Hey I like you." I have to say, I am pretty sure this is a picture of me when I was little. Or a picture of any other adorable Asian kid.

Sc8er girl

I imagine my daughter exactly like this. Dress, Braids, boots made for mud, and a skate board. MY kind of gal


you never realize how different little boys clothes are from mens.until you see little boys dressed as tiny men SO CUTE haha

look at this blouse! so sweet!

remember when you could throw any hideous sweater/legging combo together (providing they had obnoxiously unmatching patterns)