Kirawat Sahasewiyon

Kirawat Sahasewiyon
Wellington, New Zealand / A filmmaker, web designer, and a tech geek based in Wellington, New Zealand.
Kirawat Sahasewiyon
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Smite - Brother and Sister rivalry by Zennore on DeviantArt

Just thought I'd leak a panel from the next chapter, or the next next chapter, depending on how much I want to extend this chapter. Smite - Brother and Sister rivalry

This Is Why You Don't Give an Axe to Little Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood is going to be the protagonist of her very own "cinematic" action platformer called Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries. This Red Riding Hood is vengeful, angry, and wields an axe.

Flickr Find: Mac rig with monitors that'll burn your eyes out

Hobby photographer Jim Petcoff takes some stunning nature photos, but one of his best indoor shots is the above grab of his Mac-powered desk setup.

Pura Lempuyang Door, Bali, Indonesia

Pura Lempuyang Door Bali Indonesia: 'Puras are designed as an open air place of worship within enclosed walls connected with a series of intricately decorated gates between its compounds. This is a split gate known as candi bentar Indonesia