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Easy CRM for Florists using AI
Easy CRM for Florists using AI
two men looking at a computer screen with the words how to create crm on it
How to Create CRM Using AI and No Code
Learn how to build your CRM and ERP using AI with Kirill Markin as he guides you how ozma AI + Your Business = more sales and happy customers. He'll explain how your database can be built from a simple voice command and show how easy it is to integrate AI with your business operations, streamlining processes without any coding.
the web page for an erp solution that is designed to help people learn how to use
New Website and Product Design!
I've finally stepped down from the designer role and sought assistance from the professionals. There's still a lot of work ahead, but it's already a significant improvement over my previous attempts. Special thanks to Mary Podobrazhnykh 🔥 Check out our new website here: https://ozma.io/ And don't miss our live demo: https://x-crm.ozma.org/views/user/main
ozma.io example of date popup Guess, Users, Custom, Coz, Dating, Track, Access
Startup "Eat Your Own Dog Food" example
Working w/ my co-founder, I use our platform to track hours. Weekly, I log in to ozma-io & record my working hours for reports. Annoying prob: Date field kept closing when I clicked on it. So frustrating! 😡 Guess what? Lightbulb moment! Full access to repo & frontend skills. Fixed it myself. Magic using our own product! And the best part? Fix benefited all users in just 30 mins coz I experienced it too!
ozma.io button "back to the first row" interface example Platform, Thoughts, Button, Clicks, Easy, Challenge
Our users keep sending us simple and cool ideas
Take a look at this button (in the screenshot). It took us just 30 minutes to add, and it was really easy. But it was a client who first thought of it: "Sometimes, I'd like to quickly get back to the first organization in the list without all the back button clicks." You'd think it'd be easy to add this kind of feature before users even ask, but the ozma.io platform has loads of different components. So, finding the best solution for each part can be quite a challenge.
ozma.io price page with examples idea Simple, Corporate, Options, Price, Example, Hope, Check
Examples on the price page
We've been getting loads of questions about our pricing on the website. We tried to make our prices and plans as simple as possible, but since ozma.io is corporate software, there are still quite a few options. So, we thought it'd be a good idea to add an examples section to the pricing page (check out the screenshot). We hope it makes things clearer for all our website visitors. Let us know what you think!
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What if the website's homepage answered basic questions instead of focusing on product features?
What if the website's homepage answered basic questions instead of focusing on product features? Although some of my friends advised against mentioning competitors on our homepage, we still want to give it a try and evaluate its impact on our conversion rate.
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Digitalized CRM in Excel and beyond
Google sheet template example
illustration: build your custom CRM Entry Level, Kanban Board
ozma.io, a low-code solution to build your custom CRM software from scratch
Tl;dr: ozma.io enables you to build custom CRM software from scratch, requiring only entry-level programming skills and 9 hours of single developer time to model the basics.
ozma.io popup problem and solution People, Layout Design, Drop Down List, Task, Problem And Solution, Development, Change, List
Popup problem and solutions
Last week, a user complained that when he selects an option with a long name from a drop-down list, it is difficult to choose, as it is inconvenient to see what is written there. What did we change (numbered in the attached picture): 1. Here you can see that some entries with a long name do not fit into the screen 2. Decreased the font in the dropdown to fit more text 3. Added a tooltip on hover with full text 4. Added the ability to stretch the window People seem to like it.
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ozma.io onboarding get-started step interface
April 8, 2021: > Now we will finish the demo for a ready-to-use version. Will see how it affects conversions. Nowadays we still keep open demo versions without a password and login for everyone But we lead people to a page with contacts or the ability to make an appointment.