Mosaic bee

Bee mosaic, one of several lovely stone mosaics in Gresgarth Hall Gardens, "the country home of Arabella Lennox-Boyd in north Lancashire, England." Click through to see more mosaics and garden shots.


The latest Plan Bee initiative by our friends at Buglife (T he Invertebrate Conservation Trust) is to create Bee Roads by planting corridor.

Textile Bees Made By Mister Finch

The Holy Forces Of Etsy Would Bow Down Before These Precious Vintage Enchanted Creatures

Mr Finch Textile Bees made from fake fur - these are absolutely stunning, I would love to own one of these Bees are my favourite little creature! So in love with this idea.

Melancholy held me hostage, and the bees built a hive of sadness in my soul.

Bumble Bee paper-cut Scherenschnitte in White by Catfriendo

Bumble Bee Insect Paper-Cut Scherenschnitte by catfriendo on Etsy

The Birds and Bees Book by Christi Anderson

The Birds and Bees Book - PMC+ covers Leather Bound with Handmade Paper and a few of my assorted charms. by Christi Anderson


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