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I'm Layla. I'm 14. I love Gwen Stefani, Pink, Haruki Murakami and sitting on the train, dreaming. Welcome to my world.

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Haruki Murakami with cat. TOKYO, Jan 2015 (AFP) – Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami is to offer advice to troubled readers in an agony uncle column on his website, his publisher said Tues… Haruki Murakami, Celebrities With Cats, Celebs, Image Chat, Son Chat, Gatos Cats, Book Writer, Cat People, I Love Cats



on skates, with gun.hate to see the recoil on those skates! Vintage Pictures, Old Pictures, Vintage Images, Old Photos, Roller Skating, Roller Derby, Roller Disco, Skates, Annie Oakley

I've landed my first job. Checkout chick. Dad says in Barcelona checkout chicks wear rollerskates and scoot around the aisles on wheels. But do they also carry guns?

Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling Dr Hannibal, Hannibal Lecter Series, Hannibal Anthony Hopkins, Anthony Kiedis, Lauryn Hill, Scary Movies, Good Movies, Freddie Mercury, Carl Jung

I've always been interested in killers. High school massacres. Guys who go postal. Serial stalkers. Terrorists flying planes into buildings. The scariest DVD I've ever seen is Silence of the Lambs. But I still love that movie. Something about it. Makes me want to watch again and again.

Check out this chick! She's got a Murakami Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Tattoo. Do you think mum would notice? Writer Tattoo, Book Tattoo, Tattoo You, Chicago Tattoo, Literary Tattoos, Haruki Murakami, Nerd Love, Woman Painting, Diy Projects To Try

haruki-murakami.com -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspharuki murakami Resources and Information.

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Shocking Slaughterhouse Shoots - 'The Hidden Death' by Tommaso Ausili Reveals Some Horrors (GALLERY) Racing Extinction, Cane Corso, Sphynx, Chinchilla, Pitbull, Rottweiler, Wild Life, World Press Photo, Stop Animal Cruelty

He invites me through the plastic doors into his slaughterhouse. Where the chill smoulders from the frozen meats. He bones them without looking. His shiny knife reflects my reluctance. To chat and dawdle in this icebox. (This pic is from the slaughterhouses in Umbria, Italy. Neatly packaged meat in supermarkets is often completely detached in consumers' minds from the process of its production. By Tommaso Ausili)

Funny pictures about Cool And Creative Food Art Ideas. Oh, and cool pics about Cool And Creative Food Art Ideas. Also, Cool And Creative Food Art Ideas photos. L'art Du Fruit, Deco Fruit, Fruit Art, Fresh Fruit, Fruit Cakes, Fruit Food, Food Fresh, Watermelon Art, Watermelon Carving

Who ordered the 30 pics of Food Porn?

Food you want to eat. Girls you want to eat food off of. And of course, girls you want to eat food off of, eating the food you want to eat off of them. Bam.

Franz Ferdinand: who moshes to them? People at bumbershoot stoned out of their mind. Play That Funky Music, Music Love, Music Is Life, New Music, Good Music, History Jokes, Band Pictures, Band Photos, Foster The People

On the dancefloor his hands on my neck. 'Do you ...' Chin and fingers rough in a good way. 'Do you wanna ...'

Sleep underwater Maldives — Doesn't this look cool? An underwater bedroom at the Hilton resort in the Maldives. Hotel Subaquático, Hotel Restaurant, Hotel Suites, Restaurant Offers, Ice Hotel, Hotel Decor, Hotel Stay, Glass Restaurant, Hotel Food


When he puts the keycard in the slot and the lights go on I think I am in love. The hotel room has a kitchenette, a mini-bar and a spa. But I would like to sleep in this bed.

A Pinner writes: "Amy Fisher. A whore so stupid and skanky that she was willing to shoot another woman in the face just so she could continue sleeping with JOEY BUTTAFUCO. Yes, she willingly had sex with that horrid, horrid man. Major Events In History, Celebrity Deaths, People Of Interest, Sad Stories, Funny Mugs, Serial Killers, True Crime, Mug Shots, Long Island

So it turns out she's known as Long Island Lolita. I've heard about this book called Lolita. Lolita must be the name you call a girl in trouble. I'm gonna tell the story to my class.

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I told Davo, 'If it's not on, it's not on.' But Davo laughed and said he never wears them. Because it's like having a shower with a raincoat on. We practised putting one on a zucchini at school.

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He can't keep his eyes off my mouth. He is completely drawn in by me. He thinks I am tasting him. He wants me all to himself. He wants me to twirl and twist and turn for him.

 I'd kill to be her. With her Japanese sidekicks. Her cool black-and-white striped life. I have this incredible energy. My mind pops like a grasshopper's spring. Riot Grrrl, Gwen Stefani, Eccentric, Social Justice, Rebel, The Incredibles, Glamour, Lady, My Style

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A blog about being a glamorous housewife. This includes inspiring tips on cooking, crafting, entertaining, and fashion.