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Examples of clothes and accessories I adorn my characters with in my current WIP 'Written By The Stars' (a cross-dimensional fantasy novel)
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Что там у других? rikki_t_tavi | La moda del siglo xix, Moda de época, Ropa de época
a gold and black dress on a mannequin headdress with chains around it
Philippine (Moro, Mindanao) armor, 19th century, thirty plates attached together with large butted mail rings, arms and lower mid-section with smaller size ringed mail, front main breastplates with applied engraved silver decorative panels in floral shapes and three quatrefoils with swirling terminals along join between two breastplates, two matching latches with protruding studs to bind breastplates together, Breastplates 11 x 11¾in. (28 x 30cm.); Overall size 25½ x 19½in. (64.8 x 49.5cm.)
a helmet on top of a mannequin's torso
A Suit Of Moro Armor
Moro cuirass and helmet.
a gold and black dress on a mannequin headdress with chains around it
A Moro suit of armour
an old pair of boots with chains on them
Ottoman mail-and-plate kolçak (greaves or shin armor) shown with a pair of leather boots, possibly Ottoman.
the armor is made out of metal and burlied
Moro armor, basis for Eridanus' armor
an old helmet with intricate designs on it
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Ottoman 15th century style turban helmet and sipar (shield), 19th century. Helmet, blued, pointed, twisted skull, the lower part engraved by floral motifs and cartouches, gold-inlaid inscriptions in Arabic, sliding nosepiece engraved and gold inlaid, butted mail neck-defence. Sipar, a center sun shaped plaque with anthropomorphic face, and a relieved gilt decoration depicting a long snake woven around the four studs, the surface engraved with floral motifs featuring gold inlay.
a helmet is on display in a glass case with other items around it and some sort of object that appears to be metal
Chichak, a type of helmet (migfer) originally worn in the 15th-16th century by cavalry of the Ottoman Empire, consisting of a rounded bowl with ear flaps, a peak with a sliding nose guard passing through the peak, and an extension in the back to protect the neck. Various other countries used their own versions of the chichak including Mughal India, in Europe the zischagge helmet was a Germanisation of the original Turkish name. Museum of Islamic Art, Doha Port Doha, Qatar.
an old woven basket with circles and dots on the bottom is shown in black background
Ottoman kalkan (shield), C.1600, plain covered cane with studs of stylised floral form and mounted with a central gilt steel boss decorated in relief with a spiralling design embellished with cartouches of abstract floral motifs, the border with a band of cursive calligraphy, 55.8cm. diameter. This form of shield was of a type characteristically used by the Ottoman light cavalry and provided the defense for those wielding a sabre or bow and arrows, possible rattan palm, willow or dogwood can...
the armor is on display at the museum
Moro armor, the basis for Eridanus' armor
two silver objects are shown side by side and the other has been made out of metal
Turkish krug, the basis for the armor the guards at the Rogash's villa wear
a man dressed in roman armor and holding a large helmet on his back, standing next to some stone balls
Really: Ottoman armor from the armory in Valletta, Malta. In story: what the guards at the Rogash's villa wear
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