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Jason find out [Chronology of a Friendship] by ILYONE pt3 1

Jason find out [Chronology of a Friendship] by ILYONE Percy Is too nice to let someone think it's their fault XD and look where it got him

''Jason y Nico''

"Oh, man," Jason said. "Wait till I tell Piper. Hey, since I’m all alone in my cabin too, you and I can share a table at the dining hall. We can team up for capture the flag and sing-along contests!

Blind!Nico Solangelo- aww<

Blind Nico - Jason & Nico (but I don't ship that so imma change it to Will and Nico) ;

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i feel like jason is nico s older brother ! it is so sweet the way he takes care off him !

Nico! See @Megan Ward Wall THIS is what Nico looks like!

Geez, how original. I really hate the empty space and the way he turned out on some of these but oh well I . By viria