KISMET TILE & SURFACE small production tile and surfaces for home and hospitality INSTAGRAM: @kismet_tile
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KISMET TILE: MECCANO tile in metallic IDOL glaze
FORTUNE tile in ARCTIC glaze
KISMET TILE: LOLA tile in ZEUS glaze


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an abstract blue and black pattern with circles
KISMET POPPY in CROCUS color combination
POPPY is an original KISMET TILE & SURFACE pattern, offered in cement tile. The color shown is CROCUS.
a close up of a tile with circles on it
Kismet Tile
Robin's egg blue brilliance. Our most popular glaze and pattern.
a mirror that is on the wall with some kind of art work in front of it
KISMET ANDROMEDA pattern ceramic tile in THOR glaze
KISMET's ANDROMEDA pattern in an elegant metallic reactive glaze, THOR. We love the variability of this glaze, it's always a treat to open the kiln and see the results. It manages to be both space age and organic at the same time.
a white and black tile with circles on it
Kismet Tile
the wall is made up of many different shapes and sizes, including hexagonals
Kismet Tile
KISMET TILE OPTIGON pattern ceramic tile 8" x 8"
an intricate glass wall with geometric designs on it
Kismet Tile
KISMET ANDROMEDA pattern in BIG SUR glaze #tile #designbuild #materials #architecture #design #interiordesign #hospitalitydesign #ihavethisthingwithtiles
an abstract background consisting of lines and shapes
Kismet Tile
KISMET mix of PARALLAX and BIG ETOILE tiles in ONYX glaze with dove-gray line, 2017 #ihavethisthingwithtiles
an empty swimming pool surrounded by lush green trees
Kismet Tile
Custom ceramic pool tile, West Hollywood residence. Safura Salek, architect. 2013
a blue and brown pattern on the side of a building
KISMET SALOME pattern ceramic tile in AZURE glaze
the kitchen counter is clean and ready for us to use in some time lapse
KISMET FORTUNE's SISTER ceramic tile in ONYX glaze
KISMET's art deco inspired but timeless FORTUNE's SISTER pattern. Our ONYX glaze has a velvety soft egg-shell sheen.
three square tiles with swirls on them, one in grey and the other in white
KISMET FORTUNE ceramic tile in ONYX glaze
KISMET's popular Fortune pattern in our velvety egg-shell black glaze.
the bathroom is decorated in blue and green tiles with gold fixtures, including a round mirror
Kismet Tile
KISMET TILE MECCANO pattern in Azure glaze: Cho-Thompson Architects, San Francisco, 2015
a square shaped tile on top of a table
Kismet Tile
LOLA tile in ONYX glaze
a square metal object with spiral designs on it
Kismet Tile
KISMET TILE: NODO tile in matte ONYX glaze
an orange and blue pattern with the words rismet the snuge on it
KISMET ORIGAMI pattern in KIST color combination
A reworking of our geometric SOLEIL cement tile pattern for a bold, modern, trompe l'oeil folded-paper effect; color customizable but we love ORANGE!