Lace crowns, made in the microwave

Lace crowns, made in the microwave with fabric stiffener. These look time consuming to make but boy are they adorable. Could make them and have guests adorn them as a craft project during the party. Also doubles as a personalized take home gift.

Mail Art - 16 really cool ways to address an envelope!

Mail Art: 16 Really Cool Ways to Address an Envelope

I love mail art, who doesn’t? There’s nothing better than receiving some good old-fashioned, hand-addressed mail, especially when it comes with art attached! Writing letters can be therapeutic and is a great skill to teach our kids — why not make it fun?

In order for you to get a feeling of this experience, we virtually entered the homes of some families that already incorporated this idea. We created a collection of Family Photo Canvas for a Personalized Home Experience.

How to sew a duvet cover with two flat sheets

Making a Sheet Duvet Cover

Making a Sheet Duvet Cover Tools and Materials 2 flat sheets Scissors Needle and thread Pins Velcro tape Sewing Kit

Bath bucket - Perfect Baby Shower Gift.

This large baby bouquet includes everything needed baby boys bath. The boy themed bath set includes one sleeper, six wash clothes (believe me- they

Wow!! I really want to make my own cloud!! (cloud tutorial)

DIY :: How To Make A could utilize this for a lot of things. Would be really fun to make some of these so kids feel like they're on top of a coaster-- in the clouds! These have to hang from the ceiling!

How To Cut A Bottle

DIY Cut Glass At Home diy craft crafts easy crafts craft idea diy ideas home diy easy diy home crafts diy craft life hacks life hack

43 different things to add glitter to...Why did I not find this site sooner!

43 DIY Ways To Add Some Much-Needed Sparkle To Your Life

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Diy Candles Ideas DIY: Glitter Candles -Read More -

make these christmas ornaments with foam balls, glitter and a cupcake wrapper!

Bizzy Bee Studio make these Christmas ornaments with foam balls, glitter and a cupcake wrapper!make these Christmas ornaments with foam balls, glitter a red bell and a cupcake wrapper!