temple block

Temple Block- Good idea for a RS activity. Love all the pictures of the Temples

Map art:  links to a site you can find all the states so you can save as and print

DIY Map Art from Kayla Danelle. Print states from a map website (link included), cut out, add a heart sticker, frame. This is such a fantastic idea! Must make for gift!

Grill Set Holder - Grillin' and Chillin' Sign tutorial on { lilluna.com }

Let this handy sign do double-duty as cute backyard artwork and a safe spot to hang grilling utensil. - Provided by Country Living

family tree picture

DIY family tree: thrifted tray, modpodge, and lots of tiny paper cutouts. This is a project that requires patience!

Rustic Living: Red or White...towels that is

use a wine rack as a towel holder. or use a wine rack as a bath towel holder AND wine holder. remove installation from bathroom, sit in hot bath, drink lots of wine.

towel hooks

My Kid's Bathroom