Smart Kitchen Ideas/Trends

People more frequently use their kitchens today as more of a cooking/eating space. Find trends to incorporate the latest ways to incorporate the technology you love into your space!
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Induction cooktops offer fast, consistent heat without heating up the kitchen. Some models automatically adjust to the size and shape of a pot placed anywhere on its surface. They are easy to clean and can be integrated into your kitchen island.

Ready for a touchscreen cooktop? Whirlpool has designed one that is an interactive touchscreen cooktop that can display recipes, get social media updates, and get news.

samsung wifi fridge - Refrigerators are currently offering drawers that absorb ethylene gas to keep produce fresh longer, special air filters that absorb food odors, and automatic sparkling water from the door. Some models offer Wi-Fi enabled touch screen monitors with your favorite apps. In Samsung’s newest model, Galaxy S5 and Note 3 users can mirror their devices to the screen and even make calls from the fridge.

Samsung rolls out a fridge with Wi-Fi capabilities and a touch screen. You can make calls from the fridge!

Tablet mounted in cabinet door.

IKEA Hackers: iPad Flush Mounted in Kitchen Cabinet (interesting concept with some improvements)