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Hirundo rustica Barn Swallow They've been busy catching insects out over the pond today. Little Birds, Love Birds, Beautiful Birds, Barn Swallow, Swallow Bird, Swift Bird, Chicken Bird, Bird Wings, Backyard Birds

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Canku Ota (Many Paths) - A Newsletter Celebrating Native America

Wheatear (copyright Jim Bevan) spotted in the yurt field at Kite Hill Yurts Kite Hill, Wester Ross, Chaffinch, Bird Migration, Spring Birds, Pretty Birds, Natural World, Wildlife, Creatures

Nature UK: Spring bird migration highlights

Some of the spring bird migration highlights of the last week.

Cuculus canorus (Common cuckoo , European cuckoo) Birds 2, Pet Birds, Swiss Clock, Kite Hill, Bizarre Animals, Different Types Of Animals, Migratory Birds, Gods Creation, Exotic Birds

Cuculus canorus (Common cuckoo, European cuckoo)

Cuculus canorus (Common cuckoo , European cuckoo)

Buzzard (buteo buteo) - over my house British Birds Of Prey, Common Buzzard, British Wildlife, Grouse, Tiger Tattoo, Raptors, Bird Watching, Eagles, Creatures

Pendennis Head Vulture? | Wildlife Insight

Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) Car crash at Pendennis Point This Common Buzzard was wheeling around high above the wreckage of a car that plummeted off Pendennis Headland, Falmouth. Fortunately nobody was badly hurt. Insight: The most widespread bird of prey to be found in the UK, it is also the largest raptor likely to be seen. So large it is often referred to as the Tourist Eagle. However, if seen side by side, a Golden Eagle, being almost twice the size, would dwarf a Buzzard. Surprisingly…

Palmate Newt is a small newt species mainly found in Western Europe. These newts are protected by various laws in the countries they exist. Animals Of The World, Animals And Pets, Cute Animals, Big Iguana, Vader Star Wars, Axolotl, Crocodiles, Reptiles And Amphibians, Amphibians

Palmate Newt -

Palmate Newt is a small newt species mainly found in Western Europe. These newts are protected by various laws in the countries they exist. They are considered to be threatened in many countries including Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands. In Spain and Poland this species is considered to be vulnerable. Description They are one of smallest […]

Tawny Owl by Mark Hancox Beautiful Owl, Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, Owl Photos, Owl Pictures, Owl Pics, Strix Aluco, Chow Chow, Nocturnal Birds


Mark Hancox photo library of bird photography covering all UK species

Animal Wildlife - All About Endangered Animals, Animal Facts, Wildlife Animals, Funny Animal Pictures and Videos. Animals Images, Animals And Pets, Funny Animals, Baby Animals, Endangered Animals Facts, A Wild Hare, Rabbit Facts, Hare Animal, Free Rabbits

Brown hare: Lepus europaeus

Hares tend to stick to open countryside, making them easy to spot - but they are still one of our most beautiful spectacles

LOOK at this newt this is the [male] great crested newt and it looks like something out of some paleo art tbh! Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Amphibians, Reptiles, Badass Pictures, Bird Tables, Tiny Dragon, Insect Hotel, Protected Species

Newts - Great Crested Newt

Great Crested Newt (Tirturus cristatus). The range of the Great Crested Newt extends from Great Britain and Brittany in the west across much of Europe north of the Alps and the Black Sea.

Northern goshawk landing - View amazing Northern goshawk photos - Accipiter gentilis - on Arkive Raptor Bird Of Prey, Birds Of Prey, Flying Birds, Northern Goshawk, Harpy Eagle, Shoebill, Peregrine Falcon, Bird Wings, North And South America

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South Wales Valleys Raptor Watch – Northern Goshawk

funnywildlife: radoration: “ Red Fox by Matt Binstead (Vulpes vulpes) British Wildlife Centre, Lingfield, Surrey, England The British Wildlife Photography Awards 2011 ” Wild Life, Wildlife Photography, Animal Photography, Photography Awards, Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, Wild Animals, Amazing Animal Pictures, Fox Pictures


Despite being hounded by the Tories, the wily fox continues to intrigue, permeating culture with it familiar musk.

nice badger, I think British; definately not a honey badger The Animals, Baby Animals, Wild Animals, Spring Animals, Exotic Animals, Majestic Animals, Nature Animals, Woodland Creatures, Woodland Animals

‘Badger Portrait’ by Peter Denness

'Badger Portrait' by Peter Denness. Another badger image, quite hard to capture as they always have their heads down rooting for food. I liked the daisys in this one, just made the image a bit different. Taken in Surrey, UK Canon 1D MK 2 ...

"The European polecat (Mustela putorius) — also known as the black or forest polecat (as well as a host of other names) — is a species of mustelid native to western Eurasia and North Africa. Tame Animals, Nature Animals, Wild Animals, Crazy Animals, Reptiles, Mammals, European Polecat, Carnivore, Puppies

Storm the Welsh polecat (M. p. anglia) at the British Wildlife Centre, Newchapel, Surrey