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5 Must-Read Books for Women Who Think

If you don't agree with the blog author, reading the books she suggests might - at the very least - give you a fresh perspective on the ever-adapting cultural views on feminism, marriage, motherhood, modesty, and faith.


50 Books Guaranteed to Make You More Interesting

Everybody out there could stand to be a little more interesting. Yes, even you, trilingual lion-tamer astrophysicist reader. And you know what makes you more interesting? Books, of course. (You kne...


9 bestsellers actually worth the hype.

Just because a book is a bestseller, that doesn't guarantee it's any good. These 9 bestsellers are actually worth the hype.

My name is Scott. I don't read as much as I would like, nor watch as many movies or TV shows as I would like. I work in a pharmacy, love helping people, scrapbook, study whatever interests me now that I've finished half of the psychology degrees I want...

The 50 Best Southern Novels Ever Written

The American South has long been seen as the focus of the country's Civil Rights Movement, carrying with it the stigma of poverty, racism, and anti-intellectualism. Yet the region has also produced...