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Grey Sugru covering over crack in dashboard

Repair cracks or holes in your car's dashboard with sugru, our new wonder material. Match the colour to your dashboard for an invisible fix.

And more excitingly, vodka gummy bears. | 44 Reasons Why Your Life Will Be So Much Easier In 2013

*instead of gummy bears use sourpatch watermelon with watermelon vodka* DIY Vodka Gummy Bears alcohol diy recipe recipes summer recipes party ideas diy food party favors diy party ideas

life quote

Time is Free, But its Priceless. You cant own it. You cant keep it, but you can spend it. Once youve lost it you can never get it back. - Harvey Mackay ~ God is Heart

Hook and Chain Cord Hanger

Hook and Chain Cord Hanger: for storing bulky extension cords and more! DIY Garden Yard Garage Storage Shed organization

Great fucking idea why didn't I think about that? I want a Disney leg and I was gonna put nightmare on my opposite leg of my alice but why not put it on my calf on my Disney leg that's awesome!!!

Check Out 35 Best Leg Tattoo Designs for Women. Suppose if we are talking straight about the sexy leg tattoo designs for women then one must be aware about the complications they can face while tattooing their legs.