What Is Kirtan?

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Kirtan is a beautifully simple & powerful way to meditate. It began in India centuries ago as a spiritual practice, and in the last 10 years has transformed musically to appeal to the ears of a Western audience. You can be of any religion or no religion to participate. Kirtan is becoming a global phenomenon because it's magical music. It creates joy and opens the heart.

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This is a great interview with Krishna Das. It focuses on his music & the stellar people he's collaborated with.

Krishna Das : Songwriter Interviews

The top chant artist in the Western world, Krishna Das talks about how these Hindu mantras compare to Christian worship songs.

Kirtan is meditative chanting that calms the mind & spirit. Hosted & produced by Kitzie Stern, this is weekly 60-minute offering featuring the music of Western kirtan artists, interviews & festival coverage.

Calming Chants for a Crazy World

Kirtan helps the mind to become quiet and open to the experience of peace. We bring you a new 1 hr satsang podcast each week, featuring music by kirtan artists.

The Beginners Guide to Kirtan and Mantra

The Beginners' Guide to Kirtan and Mantra

India’s ancient call-and-response form of chanting has been reinvented by modern devotional artists who are blending traditional kirtan with modern music genres.

Can You Say Om Namah Shivaya? Really great overview of kirtan with profiles of Krishna Das & Jai Uttal.

Om Namah Shivaya: Kirtan and Yoga Chanting w/ Krishna Das + Jai Uttal

Chanting and music is the new way to practice yoga across the country.

The Beginners Guide To Common Chants, Yoga Journal provides translations, historical information & pronunciation tips for common chants.

The Beginner's Guide To Common Chants

Ever wonder what you're chanting during a yoga class? Nervous about chanting the wrong thing? The Yoga Journal Guide provides translations, historical information, and pronunciation tips for common chants. Read the entire article here.

A Return To My Bhakti Beginnings, a new column by Spring Groove at New World Kirtan!

A Return To My Bhakti Beginnings

This begins a series of columns by kirtan artist Spring Groove. Spring currently lives in Bologna, Italy and is Dave Stringer's back-up singer when he's in Europe. She's also a kirtan wallah in her own right, playing a set at Bhakti Fest this September. Please welcome Spring to New World Kirtan!

What Is Bhakti Yoga? |

Here's an interesting and informative article about Bhakti Yoga from Teachasana. Bhakti Yoga Part 1 -- What Is It? by Hari-kirtana das for Teachasana It's