How to make an adorable baby shower gift basket, while keeping within a budget!

Diaper cakes r never cute to me so a basket to have loaded in living room is much better and an give other gifts in it as well How To Make A Budget Baby Shower Basket. I think I'd like this more than a diaper cake!

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30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius

30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius Baby Shower/ New Momma gift idea. This is so nice:) 30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts Th.

Everybody paints a baby block at a baby shower. Memorable gifts. :)

Paint blocks for a baby shower activity! Great way to remember your guests by having a personalized block for the future baby! And it's crafts. Who doesn't like crafts.

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Gender Reveal Party Ideas - just color a Hershey's Bar with a Sharpie for a gender reveal birth announcement + lots of baby shower ideas - Repeat Crafter Me

Diaper cake tip

fanned diaper cakes Seems much easier and more attractive than the rolled diaper cakes.

Baby sock topiary....Another alternative to the diaper cake.

Cute idea for the Baby sock topiary.An alternative to the diaper cake.

Minnie Mouse Party ~ Dessert ~ Chocolate covered Pretzels  |  Dip in black chocolate, let dry completely. Than dip bottom part in Red or pink chocolate and adorn with white or pink candies or dots of white or pink melted chocolate for Minnie's circles.

Pretzel joaninha

Lady bug pretzels: Adorable for a ladybug theme baby shower or birthday, dirt / bugs birthday party, and more!

@Torie Mathis Mathis Mathis Roberts, here's a great idea for the punch at the shower. She can use the duckies as tub toys later. To keep them from getting punch in them put a dab of hot glue over the hole on the bottom before putting them in the liquid. You could even do pink punch with pink duckies.

Baby Shower punch for Baby Boy baby, could do pink lemonade for a girl. Or both for gender reveal! Baby Shower punch for Baby Boy baby, could do pink lemonade…

**one finalist for welcome home decor** baby shower idea �. really cute for everyone to write  a welcoming note to make this for when the baby comes home!!!

Large Baby Shower Guest Book Print for up have each guest sign and frame

Diaper cake at a Baby Shower #babyshower #diapercake

Baby Shower Party Ideas

Creative Girl P's Baby Shower / - It's a Girl! Tiffany Blue & Giraffe Print Babyshower at Catch My Party