The avpm staff looks so much more like the book said than the staff in the movies. I love avpm!

i hope it's a puppy...

then ron throws it on the floor. i cant laugh at this because when i watched it it was midnight on a school night and my mom wouldve killed me

A Very Potter Musical

"Ginny what I'm trying to say is, I don't want my life to be like Spider-Man I hated that movie." A Very Potter Musical

Joe freaking out over Darren in People's Mag.  Gotta love him <3

I like the look on Joe Walkers face here. he's Darren Criss man of the year -what?

The truth :'(

Nerd Girl Problem A new Starkid show comes out and you live no where near Chicago


Day Why do you love Starkid? I love Starkid because they have such great, funny stuff that veils a life lesson.