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Oh my goodness! An amazing tree!

When to plant fig trees. Common figs (Ficus carica), hardy to U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 9, are regal trees with a wide, spreading canopy and large roots that extend far from the trunk ...

When to Plant a Fig Tree?

Coin art

Amazing Jungle Inside Hang Son Doong Cave (photo: Ryan Deboodt/David Sprege, Treks) Sept 10, 2013

Spelunking Paradise: Son Doong Cave in Vietnam

Jenni Tieaho / Environmental Art Sculptures Made of willow and birchbark

banyan tree in Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Worlds Most Unique Nomads - Asianoffbeat

Cactus Tree::Victoria P. "learned a long time ago, that it takes forty or more years to grow one arm... ! Drake B. "fact from someone who lives in AZ (home of the saguaro):for every arm on a saguaro, it can be approximated that the cactus is around 100 years older than one w/out arms.. that cactus is ancient." Renato M. ".. NE brasileiro existem muitos.. (in NE Brazil there are many)."

Cactus tree - The Meta Picture

Banyan Tree, Paia

Ficus palmeri - Desert Fig - Baja California

~"Ancient Snow Gum Tree" (Eucalyptus pauciflora) Bogong High Plains near Cape West Aquaduct, Alpine National Park, Australian state of Victoria | photography: Andrew Norman~ Old Moss Woman's Secret Garden ~ facebook link

twisted tree

Daily Morning Epicness (35 Pictures) |

Bottle tree - Desert Rose - adenium obesum – endemic tree of Socotra Island


Amazing Tree | Funny Pictures 1190 Pic# 8

Inochinushiyashiro no Mukunoki (Muku Tree). Sacred Tree near Izumo Taisha. Izumo, Shimane Prefecture, Japan.

Sociable Weaver (bird) - Philetairus socius. HUGE NESTS!!!

OneStonedCrow: Sociable Weaver - Philetairus socius

Mauritius - giant tree in the Pamplemousses botanical garden

Incredible tree

Old Man - Cedar Tree

Cape Scott Tree, North Vancouver Island, BC

Flickriver: Most interesting photos tagged with capescott

Cucumber Tree. Native to South Africa.


This lovely lady stands in California’s Bristlecone Pine Forest [500x667][OC] living-planet.tum...

One of the Circus Trees called "Basket Tree" designed by farmer Axel Erlandson. It's actually six sycamore trees planted in a circle and grafted together. -Gilroy, California

thewordswizard - 10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World.

Tree on White Rock by : Mike Blanchard...Lesson 1. Never give up. Lesson 2. Stay connected to the earth.

This Jackfruit tree is crazy!! I have never seen so many on one tree!!