move it or lose it sister.

How to get skinny for your body type! Healthy lifestyle & exercise tips. I look at it as healthy, not skinny!

I love Vicks. Use it for everything. Weird that putting it on your feet stops cough but it really works!

Relieve Itchy Mosquito and Wasp Bites with Vick's Vapo Rub

Vick's VapoRub - WWII Tips and Tricks. This is a wonderful item that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet, The tips and tricks listed are just some of Vick's uses.

10 great exercises to tone your neck and chin.

The 10 Best Exercises to Reduce a Double Chin

10 great exercises to tone your neck and chin. <<< this is a new one lol first I've seen to help exercise your double chin lol

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Spectacular idea: "Add a few drops of lavender [essential] oil into your sheet's rinse cycle to give them a fresh scent and help promote a better night's sleep".

Endocrine System Concept Map

Endocrine System Concept Map This would be a good teaching tool for patients

Foods to eat following surgery. Good to know as I'm about to have shoulder surgery

What to Eat After Surgery & What to Avoid

How to Prevent Malnutrition After Weight Loss Surgery: Fresh Fruit For Good Nutrition

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