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health & FATNESS

Fat people have had enough of messages from media, family, workmates, bullies or advertising that ridicule fat as being unattractive, a sign of laziness, ill health, etc. I, and many other fat women refuse to accept the body shaming of a $100 billion weight loss industry. Please keep bigotry, stereotyping and tired cliches off this Board. There are 100's of links to scientific reports here that prove "Health Equals Weight" is a bullshit myth.

health & FATNESS

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Repin: RIP Leonard Nimoy - The Full Body Project | R. Michelson Galleries << Yes, its THAT Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame. Unlike his fat bigot sidekick George Takei, Leonard has shown exceptional artistic merit and is a visionary when it comes to aesthetics. This link gives details about purchasing his book, however, it also shows the great photographs and gives his commentary on the project.

Leonard Nimoy - The Full Body Project | R. Michelson Galleries

Food fads, crash diets and other tricks that claim to promote health and reduce fat come and go, and have been around for a long time. Re research by University of Sydney. More debunking of junk science.

Food Fads And The Fear Of Fat - RiAus

No BS! (No Body Shame)

I’m Not “Curvy”; I’m Fat: How I Got Over My Fear of the F-word - "When you’re a fat woman, experiences like these are par for the course. It’s a debilitating know that every talent you have, the intelligence you possess, the good point you just made – none of it matters when you’re fat. It’s completely invalidated when you’re fat."

» I’m Not “Curvy”; I’m Fat: How I Got Over My Fear of the F-word

If you're a fan of My Kitchen Rules watch out for one of its reviewers @benpobjie on Twitter. His cheap, lazy and unimaginative references to contestant Celine is classic fat shaming. Let him know what you think of fat bigots. I believe he too is fat which is no excuse to project his personal self loathing onto others. Using McDonalds references re fat people is the most pathetic level of commentary, let alone 'journalism'! GTFO!

'It's not surprising parents think the worst thing that could happen to their child is to grow up fat. It's not. It's far more damaging for a child to grow up feeling ashamed and unloved.' Article: Should I tell My Daughter She is Fat. Here's some news: you don't have to tell her she's fat. She already knows.

"My daughter is fat, isn't it my job to tell her?"

Bless Your Big Fat Heart! by Marilyn Wann, just in time for Valentine's Day. Its an article that dispels the myth of fat as it relates to your heart and also gives a craft project. Nice present!

Bless your big, fat heart!

Liu Baojun

Women in Painting by Liu Baojun Chinese Artist ~ Blog of an Art Admirer

The History of HAES PART 1: PART 2: PART 3: PART 4: PART 5:

the HAES files: what is ASDAH all about?

Fat People Are Not the Problem — Fatphobia Is.*TW* in article. This is what happens when society demonizes fat people so much that they're considered sub-human: People don’t see them as human because they’re bombarded with the message day in and day out that fat people are diseased, defective, less-than.

Fat People Are Not the Problem — Fatphobia Is

I am fat. I have no problem whatsoever with the word 'fat'. It is just a description of my body shape. We fat women need to reclaim ownership of the word 'fat' and not be insulted by it anymore. Even in the size acceptance movement every adjective is used to describe a fat women - plus size, large, thick etc - except the actual word FAT! .

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Another study indicates fitness is more important than fatness for longevity

Vale the beautiful, intelligent, outrageously funny and talented author and neuroscientist Colleen McCullough. Thank you.

  • Kitt Lviv
    Kitt Lviv

    Do yourself a favour. Check out #myozobituary trending on Twitter. Its in response to the appalling obituary The Australian newspaper wrote for Colleen McCullough (author of The Thorn Birds and other novels) saying: "Plain of feature and certainly overweight, she was nevertheless a woman of wit and warmth".

  • Amy Prior
    Amy Prior

    So disappointing :( re The Australian. Off to have a look over at Twitter x

what not to say to someone with an eating disorder

What Not to Say to Someone With an Eating Disorder - US News

5 things the self proclaimed low-carb gurus forget to acknowledge

5 things low-carb gurus don't want you to know

Free plus size sewing patterns

Free Sewing Patterns for Plus Size Women

We're all fat again: More biggest loser' contestants reveal secrets Confirming what we know about weight science. About 5% may be able to keep it off long term. The rest will regain and a likely 60% will likely end up heavier. We also know that the behaviours required to achieve this kind of w/loss are often opposite of those needed to achieve health. Not to mention the mental and emotional distress of yet another perceived failure.

stella. If my big belly and fat arms and stretch marks and thick thighs offend you, then that's okay. I'm not going to hide my body and my being to benefit your delicate sensitivities.

Why I Took This Picture -- And Put It On The Internet

How To Exercise Out Of Self-Love -- Not Due To Fat-Shaming << article. "As someone with a history of depression, exercise helps me to regulate my moods and helps me to fall asleep at night. It helps me to feel powerful and strong and has helped to repair my traumatized and eating disordered relationship with my body."

How To Exercise Out Of Self-Love -- Not Due To Fat-Shaming

‘Obesity Paradox’ Apparent in Heart Failure" Another study on the so-called "obesity paradox," which attempts to explain why fat people fare better after heart failure. Mariellen reviews the evidence and wonders why anyone finds this "paradox" so shocking. (can we stop with the headless fatty photos?!)

'Obesity Paradox' Apparent in Heart Failure

If We Talked About Men The Way We Talk About Women. If you think any of these are "wrong" or "messed up" then you need to wake up and realize that these are considered "normal" and "acceptable" when talking to OR about women.

If We Talked About Men The Way We Talk About Women

Body size is NOT equal to health!

Provocative: (left to right) Claire Burrows, Anastasia Zaravinos, Ally Garrett and Latai Taumoepeau perform in the Sydney Festival dance production Nothing To Lose.

Swimsuits for all/ Gabi Fresh