Art Projects for Middle School

Art Projects for Middle School

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The Calvert Canvas: Adventures in Middle School Art!

The Calvert Canvas: Adventures in Middle School Art!

Art Mash a middle school website...lot here. This is a research project from 9th grade. There are more examples.

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Wayne Thiebaud Candy Compositions Concepts: Composition, Acrylic Painting, Color Theory - created via

5th Grade — Emily Jane Valenza
  • Barb Purdy
    Barb Purdy

    Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Very comprehensive art appreciation site designed for middle schoolers and high schoolers.

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Art at Becker Middle School: Watercolor cell collaborative project

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curriculum for 8th grade art foundations. prepares them for all high school art classes.

8th grade art foundations curriculum

paper sculpture

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keith haring inspired shadow chalk drawing | Art in the Guys on the Ground

Art in the Guys on the Ground

The Art Classroom-great HS art blog...full of fun and inspiring student projects (this teachers uses a lot of technology-must revisit)

The Art Classroom

Art at Becker Middle School: Completed Wire Portraits

Art at Becker Middle School: Completed Wire Portraits

Elements of Art Review Project, for the beginning of a semester.

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  • Jennifer Harned
    Jennifer Harned

    We just did this in art a couple of weeks ago when we were learning about the elements and principles of design.

  • Jessica Tennison Gray
    Jessica Tennison Gray

    OK I am an elective teacher of 6th graders and my class is called Wheel and my job is to do a quick lesson for all electives they can choose next year and art is one and I love this project do you have your plans for it that you could maybe email me to look at to adapt to my class? Thank you

  • Heather Hawkins-Scott
    Heather Hawkins-Scott

    This is a repin, so I do not have the actual lesson plan.

  • Kristy Sirmons
    Kristy Sirmons

    This took me to a shopping site...........

this site has many good lessons including plaster masks, hidden hands, topography

Art @ Massac: 7th Grade

Abstract painting with painters tape.

Abstract Painting Project For Kids K-12 - Artchoo!

Art 1 Lessons and Syllabus. Also Advanced Art curriculum. Great ideas with powerpoints and assessment worksheets

Norfork High School Lessons

Amazing middle school art lessons

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Room 9: Art! This blogger has stellar art projects for middle school level.

Room 9: Art!: Here Come The Bugs...

Op Art: 3D Illusion Cube

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  • Debra Haimer
    Debra Haimer


  • Karen Chesterman
    Karen Chesterman

    Wow! I am definitely going to do this with one of my Art classes! Thank you

  • Mike Mayo
    Mike Mayo

    What a great idea! Thanks a lot!

hair made using a paint blowing technique with a straw

MAEA : Michigan Art Education Association : Gallery Results


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Hip-Hop Kandinsky murals: fun! 5th grade

smART Class: Hip Hop Kandinsky Murals!
  • R.G. M.
    R.G. M.

    Love this. Don't forget Klee and Haring as inspiration.

winter collage

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Draw a close up of candy boxes like the kind you get at the theater.

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  • sarah taylor
    sarah taylor

    I did this project only used candy wrappers in a collage style with pastels. It was fun!

Less Talk, More Art: A middle school art ed blog

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Less Talk, More Art: A middle school art ed blog

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