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Turn a five gallon bucket into a swamp cooler

5 Gallon Bucket Swamp Cooler | Five Gallon Ideas

Pump for a five gallon bucket - for oil, lubricants, water, milk?

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5 Gallon Bucket Refrigerator | Five Gallon Ideas


Hydroelectric Generator

Rocket Stove

5 Gallon Bucket Rocket Stove | Five Gallon Ideas

five gallon bucket computer

5 Gallon Bucket Computer Tower | Five Gallon Ideas

Big blocks of ice in 5 gallon buckets!

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Wine or Cider Press

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5 gallon bucket backpacks

5 Gallon Bucket Backpack | Five Gallon Ideas

worm farm

Worm Farm | Five Gallon Ideas


5 Gallon Bucket Egg Washer | Five Gallon Ideas

A mailbox made from a bucket

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Mailbox from "Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves"

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Water filtration. You can build your own five gallon bucket bio sand filtration system with a few five gallon buckets and some PVC pipe. Detailed instructions on a five gallon bucket based bio sand filtration unit are found on this ten page bucket filter pdf. For more information about the bio sand filtration process, read the BioSand Filter Wikipedia page or this extremely detailed 130 page biofiltration manual put out by the Center of Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology.

Water Filtration System

**Chicken coop idea?** It’s called the “Ice Cream Igloo” because it’s made almost entirely out of old ice cream buckets. You can still read many of the flavors printed on the lids.

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Dimensions of a 5 gallon bucket. All bucket models vary slightly, of course.

5 Gallon Bucket Dimensions | Five Gallon Ideas

I'm thinking you could use one of the guys in conjunction with 5 gallon bucket seating to make a redneck office chair. Why not?!

5 Gallon Mop Bucket | Five Gallon Ideas

backyard Twister board made with 5 gallon bucket stencil

Spray Paint Stencil

5 Gallon Bucket Hidden Cache | Five Gallon Ideas

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Five gallon air cannon! Blast your cat from across the room.

5 Gallon Bucket Air Cannon | Five Gallon Ideas

diy egg washer with large basket

5 Gallon Bucket Egg Washer | Five Gallon Ideas

A web site devoted to the use of used buckets...who knew.

Free 5 Gallon Buckets

Where to score free 5-gal buckets

Free 5 Gallon Buckets

Ethanol still made with a couple of buckets

Moonshine Still

A better soil sifter design made from a 5 gallon bucket and some hardware cloth

5 Gallon Bucket Soil Sifter | Five Gallon Ideas