Прыткова Дарья Александровна

Прыткова Дарья Александровна

Прыткова Дарья Александровна
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Death is everywhere in the zombie apocalypse. It explains why so many people have come and gone on The Walking Dead. There are six individuals who have somehow managed to beat the odds and survive. Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Chandler Riggs (Carl), Steven Yeun (Glenn), Melissa McBride (Carol), Norman Reedus (Daryl), and Lennie James (Morgan) were there at the beginning in season 1 and their characters are all still alive and kicking as we now head into the back half of season 6.

dailytwdcast: “ Melissa McBride,Lennie James,Norman Reedus,Chandler Riggs,Andrew Lincoln and Steven Yeun photographed by Michael Muller for Entertainment Weekly ” Norman loves touching Andrews belly.

Andrew Lincoln

"Fight The Dead--Fear The Living. I absolutely love the Walking Dead, Rick Grimes/Andrew Lincoln and Shane Walsh/Jon Bernthal

- @ironicdaisy

Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, & Scott Wilson on set of "A". I miss Hershel but I'm looking forward to seeing Norman and Andy in action again.

"Behind the scenes. Daryl and The Governor" #TheWalkingDead

TWD gnicotero: Found this pic I took while shooting the season 3 finale ! Sorry David.

Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus--I just have a thing for dirty, smoking, motorcycle riding, badass looking guys.

The 19 Greatest Dad Jokes From Rick Grimes. Hahah so dumb but I love these.

The 19 Greatest Dad Jokes From Rick Grimes. I laughed waaaaaaay to hard at this

Little Ass-Kicker

Funny pictures about Daryl with a baby. Oh, and cool pics about Daryl with a baby. Also, Daryl with a baby.