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Colored Ice melting in oil experiment

Science behind Ivory Soap in the Microwave

Make it RAIN! Hot water in the jar, cold front "clouds" on rains in the jar. Totally awesome.

An Interesting Lesson in Density & Using a Balance

What Soda Does to Teeth

Tons of great science interactives/ short movies

Illuminations: How Do You Build Triangles?

Great Egg Drop - Description of a team building exercise

E is for Explore!: Food Chain Stacking Cups

Free virtual dissections

Extraordinary Photographs of Animals Inside the Womb

Great site for learning about the human body!

25 online field trips -- so excited!!

Great activity during a weather unit. 2 liter soda bottle cut in half. Put about an inch and a half of warm water (w blue food coloring) in the bottom. Invert the top of the bottle with the lid on and fill with ice. Watch the water condensate and watch it "rain" THIS is brilliant!

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