Now that Lambo is a million miles from their normal look , obviously a type of 'Rat rod ' on speed to facilitate speed 0 to 100 at light speed similar to the Star Wars special effects of blurred out stars as travel so amazingly fast , but only suited to straight line drag racing format as Rat rod specialist machine , but memorable , very memorable

Lamborghini Rat Rod

Looks more like a Cadilac hotrod then a Lamborghini Hot Rod concept. Hot or Not?

A 1969 Harley XLCH by Robb Handcrafted Cycles

Harley Sportster by Robb Handcrafted Cycles

A 1969 Harley XLCH by Robb Handcrafted Cycles Pipeburn - Purveyors of Classic Motorcycles, Cafe Racers & Custom motorbikes Cafe Racers Harle.

The #Jaguar CX-75 Prototype is the most technologically advanced road car ever conceived. Want your minds blown!? Hit the image the CX-75 #viralvideo

Top 'Viral' Car Videos Of The Week - Episode 15

50 years of Ford Mustang: We pick the ultimate pony cars as the 2015 Mustang debuts The Mustang Bos 302 packed in a engine making 290 horsepower, heavy duty springs, and adjustable shocks.

The Ducati Hunter, this bike would get more than a head turn from me! Stylistically, the Arac ZXS looks something like a hybrid of Jap brands and the Italian Ducati, none of which hold a match to the ZXS’s extremely robust body and aggressive stance. This v-twin beast is 100% street fighter. As with any concept, it’s hard to say what the performance is like, but judging by the mean look on its face, it’s probably safe to say that it’s somewhere between breathtaking and heart-stopping.

The Ducati Hunter, Arac ZXS Concept by Mako Petrovic I'll take 2 please?

Matilda II by Serdar Soyal

Ideas for my new Street Rod - Matilda II by Serdar Soyal, via Behance

The Most Beautiful Ugly Car I’ve Ever Seen - again I have to wonder, if we had more of these on the road, would all the cool things from the future we've seen in crazy cool Sci-fi films manifest as well? :)

The Most Beautiful Ugly Car I’ve Ever Seen

Funny pictures about The Most Beautiful Ugly Car I've Ever Seen. Oh, and cool pics about The Most Beautiful Ugly Car I've Ever Seen. Also, The Most Beautiful Ugly Car I've Ever Seen photos.

1957 Chevrolet Nomad

1957 Chevy Nomad by far the coolest cars ever. This is my dream car!

Stylin Rat Rod

I love these retro inspired modern cars. The custom work is amazing, but my demented sensibility loves the modern amenities in a classic, unsuspecting ride. Inspired by the early Ford car, designer Jason Holmes has come up with ‘Sinister.

✮ Ferrari 365 ✮

Ferrari 365 Turin Concept Design Study by David Williams Pictures

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Ok not car porn but w Ferrari bike! Fuck I wany one. Stuff a ducati

Audi R10 Concept

Audi R10 Concept

This is the Audi concept, the would be a new hyper car for Audi, going a step above the currently available

Sick matte black BMW!

Matte black BMW / I am more of an antiques man but I can appreciate a good car when I see one.