You gotta see it to believe it!

You gotta see it to believe it!

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Sister magazine SLJ has a cool article on yoga programs in libraries.

Yoga in the Library

crazy did you know facts | Fun and Somewhat Scary Facts 7 - CafeMom

Holly shit did you know?

This is awesome

We don’t speak the same language…

The Oregon Vortex (Though it's only 100 feet in diameter, the Oregon Vortex is apparently very scary. Animals refuse to enter it, and people who go inside report seeing very strange things.)

10 Places Begging To Be Investigated

This Happened In Tampa, Florida About a Year Ago

This Happened In Tampa, Florida About a Year Ago

During a dangerous factory explosion that occurred in China, a Monkey was recorded on the camera saving a puppy from the explosion site. He held the dog as he ran out of the factory. If animals can instinctively show compassion and kindness to each other why can't we humans beings do so?

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The world’s oldest condom, dating back to 1640, has gone on display at a museum in Austria. The reusable condom dates back to 1640 and is completely intact, as is its orginal users’ manual, written in Latin. The manual suggests that users immerse the condom in warm milk prior to its use to avoid diseases. The antique, found in Lund in Sweden, is made of pig intestine

This & That, Ceci et Cela » World’s oldest condom

Vanished Persian Army Said Found in Desert. Bronze weapons, a silver bracelet, an earring and hundreds of human bones found in the vast desolate wilderness of the Sahara desert have raised hopes of finally finding the lost army of Persian King Cambyses II. The 50,000 warriors were said to be buried by a cataclysmic sandstorm in 525 B.C.

Vanished Persian Army Said Found in Desert : DNews

Kansas Man Catches 466-​​pound Halibut in Alaska. Just for the halibut!

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Three soldiers were witnesses to the bizarre disappearance of an entire battalion in 1915. The three said they watched from a clear vantage point as a battalion of the Royal Norfolk Regiment marched up a hillside in Suvla Bay, Turkey. The hill was shrouded in a low-lying cloud that the soldiers marched straight into. After the last of the battalion had entered the cloud, it slowly lifted. The entire battalion was gone.

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Amazing | Amazing And Unbelievable Photos » - A source of varied ...

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The Octavius was discovered West of Greenland by a whaler on October 11th, 1775. Crew members of the Whaler Herald boarded the vessel, discovering the entire crew dead, frozen, apparently at the moment of their death. The Captain was found in his cabin frozen at his desk with his pen in hand, still writing in his log. He was accompanied by a dead woman, a child covered in a blanket and a sailor holding a tinderbox. The ship's log showed that the frozen ship had been afloat for over 13 years.

Top 10 Ghost Ships - Listverse

LMAO-Your new teacher did what?!?

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 101 Pics

10 People Who Mysteriously Vanished While Traveling

10 People Who Mysteriously Vanished While Traveling - Listverse

Cold, Sad, and Lonely? The ‘Hug Me’ Jacket Would Be Ridiculously Perfect for You!

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Hobo Nickels ... First carved in 1913, the heyday of hobo nickels was back in the 1930s, used as a way to pass the time during the Great Depression. Some of the original coins still exist today, while the practice itself has survived into modern times; ironically making some nickels worth hundreds of dollars.

38 Impressive "Hobo Nickels"

The 16th-Century Nose Job: Syphilis was sweeping through Europe and the disease caused the nose to rot away. Tagliacozzi's innovative process involved cutting a flap of skin from the upper arm, reshaping it into a nose & grafting it to the damaged nasal cavity. The patient’s arm would then be held in place using bandages for approximately 2 weeks while the graft attached itself to the face. Then the nose would be reshaped and contoured; sometimes it would fall off during a cold winter. [Link]

The Chirurgeon's Apprentice

Intelligent animals both, crows and wolves have been known to play together in the wild and it has been observed that crows will sometimes alert wolves to potential prey in order that they might share in the food it would provide.

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10 Civilizations That Disappeared Under Mysterious Circumstances- The Maya, Indus Valley Civilization, Easter Island, Catalhoyuk, Cahokia, Gobekli Tepe, Angkor, The Turquoise Mountain, Niya, Nabta Playa

10 Civilizations That Disappeared Under Mysterious Circumstances

Buffalo Ranch Pizza, Recipe

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Life-sized dead man in coffin cake...

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creepy and romantic.... its a really good book

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Two women, born on the same day but 157 years apart, died on the same day. They both met with a friend, put on a new dress, went to a dance, and met their killers. They were killed the same way, in the same spot. Both by men named Thornton who were acquitted of the murders in both cases. Strange coincidence? Some say reincarnation.

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