Hall of books

Clever design solutions to STORAGE - BOOKCASES & SHELVING (I have always loved BOXES! (in this age of e-readers and e-books - still love hard-copy books)… Bookcases in a hallway/pass-thru. That's right exploit every single space possible.

Two Story Library - LOVE!...    -Design by Champagne Chic Interiors

Two Story Library with a catwalk around the room? This is the result- a rich wood-paneled two story library with a reading niche on the second level.

Library in Florence, Italy #neverhaveiever walked up such a beautiful staircase in a library

Law Library, Des Moines, Iowa photo via besttravelphotos. All those books! Landings full of books! And those beautiful lacy banisters on those stairs and landings, just wow!

The Long Room in the Trinity Library—Dublin, Ireland.

Trinity College Library (the 'Long Room'), Dublin. There has been a library at the College ever since it was founded (in but the Long Room was not begun until Completed in it is the largest library in Ireland, containing books.

In an abandoned industrial building in Europe   @hpman

In an abandoned industrial building in Europe. I grew up with one of those in my garage.

How's this for a reading nook...ideal for a book worm

This is awesome! We used to make nooks like this in our bedroom closets when we were kids. A perfect place to daydream. The video-game playing kids of today are really missing out!

Book Nook

reading corner nook with window seat and built in bookcase : Decorating Your Reading Corner. decorating a reading corner,decorating ideas reading corner,home reading corners,reading corner decor,reading room decorating ideas

cottage shelves #roomWithBooks

Ladder for bookshelves = Awesome! Library wall - craftsman - Family Room - Philadelphia - Krieger + Associates Architects Inc

Ralph Lauren 1995 Sotheby Auction - Regency Style five-tier brass-mounted revolving bookshelves

Ralph Lauren 1995 Sotheby Auction - Regency Style five-tier brass-mounted revolving bookshelves: could be a good idea for organizing To Read stacks.

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