this picture makes me so happy

Two Old Friends

Sex In The City

"Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with." Love the Sex and the City girls!

Monica Chandler Joey Ross Phoebe and Rachel Friends tv show

I love "Friends" :) this picture is unique a idea for friends or a family photo or generation portrait

Lana Del Rey with James Franco :)

couple Black and White smoke hipster Grunge James Franco Smoking lana del rey grunge couple jonathanohhey

Matt Bomer

Ugh how i wish he wasnt gay.he would be SO perfect to's like he is playing the part already (nothing against being gay.but Christian Grey cannot be played by a gay man.people who read would understand)

Matt Bomer

oh Matt Bomer how I love you." The White Collar star is basically the closest thing to a real-life Disney prince ever. Why settle for mediocre when Bomer's basically the real thing? (Seriously, those eyes. And face. And hair. And smile. And abs.

Sex and The City

Carrie & Big - Sex and the City. (Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth). Photo by ?

Josh Hartnett


Will Smith

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