Kirkman should just write Daryl into the comics somehow.

He speaks the truth… the walking dead - andrew lincoln and norman reedus

#Walking Dead.  OOOOOOOOHHHHHH burn.

Funny pictures about Do you want to hear a joke? Oh, and cool pics about Do you want to hear a joke? Also, Do you want to hear a joke?

Without The Walking Dead

This is me every week.Just waiting for Sunday to roll around.

New Walking Dead tonight!

Walking Dead is so awesome! Love this show, we just watched all the seasons recently on Netflix and are hooked! i love maggie :p

Daryl Dixon

"Yea, and people in hell want slurpees" One of my fav Daryl quotes

Daryl Dixon

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead funny memes

The Walking Dead

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Walking Dead

Rick - eye fuck the camera when conflict arises.