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Listen, I get it this is VERY personal but let's be honest 80% of your health is in your gut. If you are not "regular" then we need to talk about how to help you get healthy with Plexus. Being "regular" is so important for your health! Let me help you get your gut healthy! Message me today,

Does Your Poop Stack Up? | PaleoNonPaleo

Act Like Your Kids Live Here

Quotes About Family Problems #hurt #quotes #love

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You won’t go as “all out” with your second kid as you did your first.

23 Things No One Tells You About Having A Second Kid

r.m. drake

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Ignore, ignore, ignore. NOT to get him back... but to keep him away!! You have to do this for YOU.

Delete - Sassified

Moving On....

Quotes About Moving On

I would love some chocolate right now. It really does understand. What about you?

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Vulcan boyfriend

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I think we need to have buttons all in the wedding colour(s) for people to choose and wear at the resort ... and all with funny sayings on them! (But maybe not this one!)

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Man Builds Small Homes For The Homeless

Man Builds Small Homes For The Homeless - 15 Pics

My entire life can be described in one sentence: it didn't go as planned, and that's ok. #wisdom #affirmations

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“El amor es algo que está en todos nosotros. Y el amor surge en formas que quizá podemos pasar por alto en nuestro día a día. Por tanto, quería rescatarlo y mostrar el significado del amor en nuestra vida cotidiana y convertirlo en obra de arte ” Puuung.

Love Is In Small Things

Except in my case it was dad pulling out my hair by the roots (well, that's what it felt like)

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Happens to me all the time & it's been a little while since I was a teenager! Lol!

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Getting by as a single mom is hard. How do you stretch your budget when there's nothing left to stretch?! Here's some practical financial advice from my experiences as a single mother.

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Before you pin or share an "inspirational" quote, GOOGLE. I thought this sounded funny, like a modern phrase, not something a person at the time of the Revolution would say. It turns out there's no record he said it, and it wasn't attributed to him until 1996.

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Ummm I don't know what you're talking about. She said nothing about last night...but you can text her babe. I love you :)

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Best ever.

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Collect & display the things you love into attractive vignettes. #collect #collecting #collections

Inside a Colorful Maine Home

And they never move!!

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