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"Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas - these are easiest chicken fajitas yet they taste AMAZING!! My new go to recipe for fajitas." #SlowCooker #Crockpot

Ahh fajitas, the sizzling entree that catches everyones attention in the dining room at any restaurant. It's an entree worthy of some… Clean it up by using plain Greek yogurt in place of sour cream, and if you're being super healthy omit the cheese.

Ventrogluteal Injection

Diagram showing how to locate the Ventrogluteal injection site.because shots to the butt arent recommended anymore!

Duh... Everyone knows this. Its the bread and butter to many NCLEX style questions, but its still good to save such a clean cut picture of it.

Abraham Maslows hierarchy of needs is an important psychological theory that addresses the stages of growth in humans. This infographic takes Maslows theory and looks at the social media tools that fulfill these needs.

infographic infographic : Infographic travel nurse phone interview tips. Image Description infographic : Infographic travel nurse phone interview tips