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humorous and / or kind of cute

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Some things are funny. Some things are cute. Some things are both of those things.

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I bought this for J, It's another inside joke and I couldn't help myself when I saw it so a HUGE thanks to for posting this, It's perfect. Check out Kellys Etsy shop Retrowhale, she has tons of other great prints available!  (via Miss Moss: Prints)

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! surreal family get together , its party time in the dinosaur house but mr t is going to get it big time when mrs rex comes home in sees that mess bizarre family photo vintage wonderful life just wish I knew what was happening

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Scrunchies of Instagram - Funny 90s Throwback Photos

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Time to Scare Some Tourists 12x15 Print

For everyone who loves dinosaurs, Who likes to see their bones in museums, Who considered being a paleontologist, Who loved The Land Before Time, (or Jurassic Park), And played with dinosaur toys. This is for you.

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When I see a dogs face like this one, so sweet and sensitive, I just know we will be friends. By Elke Vogelsang