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RAAN'S DOLL Part 2: 3

Chapter 2 - The Right Kind of Mood by KannelArt on DeviantArt - I adore this drawing in particular ! How I want to be Sammy ! I WANT to be the girlfriend of a girl like this, who cares for me and wants to be with a sissy like me !

Hope i don't have to explain this one This is one of those pics where i lost motivation in the middle of the process so please excuse the quality Waking up

Parts Breakdown AR-15

Learning how to disassemble and reassemble firearms can be a pretty difficult task. In particular, or rifles are more difficult than most. I am still learning the ins and outs of these particular rifles and it has definitely been a challenge.

How I feel every night!

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Change Candy by okayokayokok on deviantART

Have some fun with your best friend . He's 18 and still a virgin and now you can give yourself to him completely and marry the mate you've secretly loved for years. Change Candy by okayokayokok on deviantART