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For the Mindful Art Therapists out there.a mindfulness benefits infographic Meditation is something I strongly believe in and practice in my free time.


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Start young

Baby yoga is an ideal bonding activity for parents and their newborn. Find out the benefits of baby yoga, and where the warmest and coziest yoga studios in Toronto are best suited for calming and soothing both the young and the old.

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The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. ✨ is featured in the Goddess Bra & High Waisted Airbrush Leggings. is featured in the Trace 2 Bra & Talia Leggings.


Yoga for me is the discipline of balance and pain by creating a sounder mind which also helps concentration and thus achieve flexibility and an aftermath of relief and relaxtation. That is my reason for engaging in yoga.


Gratitude - the highest firm of yoga. I try to remind my students to practice with a feeling if deep gratitude.

On Yoga Mart and Being Less Bitchy. #yoga www.taylorduvall.com

On Yoga Mats and Being Less Bitchy