Omg yes

Exo heights tell more about the members than we thought xD

In a few swipes they would get to my kpop collection


In which I am Kyungsoo. I am always Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo is me

Taehyung (I think) putting the microphone on his head tho like how will this help hahaha

That's too true it hurts me because that are all pictures of my fandom shit

No offense but why Sehun looks like a fetus here <because he is a foetus, tall, clumsy, sinfully attractive and distractingly handsome, but a foetus non the less<<tru tru

yo, finals are on for me, aka tomorrow, EXAM JONGIN please bless me with high scores

Tao, you've got to work on your timing <-- Especially now that he can't control time anymore *sobs*

None of these pictures are my creation. I just share kpop/kdrama related thing what I find funny.