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Marilyn Monroe with a Nikon F( my camera) by Bert Stern. There's numerous others out there Bert Stern photographed of the beautiful Marilyn in recent articles due up for auction.

Let's just take a moment to appreciate how awesome ten's hair is in this picture. This man is beautiful!

David Tennant

"The Reflection is Just as Good as the Real Face." --had to pin for this description! 😂 My internal response: "I would certainly hope so, as that's what the word 'reflection' implies!those silly fan girls.

Olivia Wilde, Miranda Kerr: Stars' Looks for Less

love the plaid and leather! Of course Emma Watson is easy on the eyes too! Leather Jacket Tartan Dress Emma Watson looking fab.

Arthur Darvill - Rory Williams in Doctor Who

Just when Rory got hot, we had to say goodbye. >>> Girl what are you saying? Rory's always been hot.<<< He makes all men look bad. He is a roman holding a baby while crying cool. "Rory's the most beautiful man I've ever met"--Amelia Pond

Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle (2013)

Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle, 2013 Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle), with her best supporting actress nomination, becomes the youngest three-time acting nominee. She is just Teresa Wright was 24 years old when she received her third nomination in

Martin Freeman

That he swears inappropriately, that he dresses with style and makes goofy faces with such grace and that he loves his wife and life. Thanks Martin for the smiles. :]" - Martin is cool, indeed.


I want to do some inappropriate things to this man based only on this one photo. Everything else is bonus.

Gary Oldman.

Young Oldman (Okay I will put his full name here. Looks like lots of people don't recognize young Gary : ) :: Gary Leonard Oldman is an English actor and filmmaker - born 21 March 1958


Photogenic Guy in Hunger Games. I just thought it up. Zeddie little ridiculously Photogenic guy hunger games