Balloon Ping Pong..hours

Keeping it Simple: Indoor Kids Game Idea: Balloon Ping Pong {Kids Craft}. My boys would have a ball with this!

make a Lego marble maze - this could be as simple or elaborate as your child wants

Make a Lego marble maze. This is a very spatial, tactile, logical task… requires clever thinking and some trial and error… great problem-solving activity. Make a Lego marble maze.

Sweet ways to say bye to your kids. These no-tear ideas will turn tears into smiles!

Best Tear-Free Ways to Say Bye to Your Kids

Engineering Activities for Kids - an awesome collection of ideas for children to try!

14 Fun Engineering Activities for Kids

Engineering Activities for Kids by funaday: 14 projects ranging from a snack pulley to a hexbug maze to a milk jug igloo for your budding engineers.

As a parent, you surely know how important it is your children to have a playhouse in the home. In a child’s development, a playhouse not only provides a great place for fun games, but also can help your kids to express their creativity. Building a backyard playhouse for your kids is the best options, […]

16 Fabulous Backyard Playhouses Sure To Delight Your Kids

Movie Night Necklace--kids make it before the movie and snack during the show. Such a fun mom idea!

Movie Night Necklace--kids make it before the movie and snack during the show. Love this idea, we do family movie nights a lot, my kiddos will love this!

I think I could do this! Haha

Pepperoni and Cheese Crescents

HIT- Great quick snack or added side dish with dinner. I could see many versions of this. Crescent Pepperoni Roll-Ups would be perfect for appetizers while watching football or for a girls movie night in.

These 12 Thanksgiving games are not only funny, they’re perfect for any age - for kids, for teens, for adults, for family, and even for toddlers! Played in minute to win it style, you can DIY these quickly then play inside or outdoor. So skip the scavenger hunt and other activities and try these Thanksgiving party games this Thanksgiving instead. I know I will be!

12 Hilarious Thanksgiving Games Everyone Will Love

Balloon powered LEGO car

15 Fun ideas for Science with LEGO